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Windsor Avenue goes directly to the source to find good quality
pearls for each jewelry design. Mollusks take between four to six years to create a handful of pearls within their interior shells. It is quite a tedious process. If the mollusks are placed too low underwater, they will not produce pearls due to lack of sunlight... and vice versa. Once you crack open the shell in two, you will find a handful of pearls that are all different from each other. For this reason alone, we consider freshwater pearls very precious and a must-have.

1. Mollusks are submerged & remain at the right water level for 4-6 years

2. Finally, retrieve & crack open in half the mollusks to find a handfulof non matching pearls in different sizes, colors & quality.

3. Sort through & organize all the newly retrieved pearls by size, quality & color.

5. Bring the skecth to life.

4. Hand select the right pearls foreach jewelry design.