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Michelle and Avery's "Mommy & Me" Style

By: Olivia H  

Meet Michelle Olson-Rogers, blogger and founder of, and her gorgeously sweet 3-year old daughter Avery (#dailybocaavery). As a mom myself living in Boca Raton, Michelle’s Modern Boca Mom website is a weekly must-read when planning weekend activities with my son. We are so inspired by this fabulous pink-loving mommy-daughter pair. Their special bond shines through the myriad of beautiful photos. Enjoy getting to know them in today’s Mommy & Me feature.



MICHELLE & AVERY at a Glance

Fun is when we... sing together!
On weekends, we love to... get out of town and head to Disney World. 
Our favorite style to wear is... Lilly Pulitzer! Lots of beachy dresses (pink for Avery).
A family tradition is... spending the 4th of July in Freeport, Maine with Daddy’s family.
Our favorite mommy-daughter activity is... going to the Boca Raton Children’s Museum.
Our favorite dessert treat is... birthday cake pops from Starbucks. 
Our dream place is... our home when we’re finally finished renovating. 
Our favorite bedtime story is… The Little Mermaid.
We are thankful for... our good health and the pleasure of having extended family living close by in South Florida. 



RV: What are the values/life lessons you hope to instill in your daughter?
MICHELLE: Strong work ethic and entrepreneurship. I truly believe that the only guaranteed “job” is the one you create for yourself!

RV: What are your dreams and hopes for Avery? 
MICHELLE: I hope that she always puts her family first and learns to find a balance between enjoying life, finding love and working hard at her career. I also selfishly hope she spends her post-college years in New York City like her dad and I did… I really believe that the city shapes you as a person and professional. 



RV: What do you love most about motherhood?
MICHELLE: The LOVE! And experiencing childhood again through my daughter’s eyes. 

RV: What’s your go-to outfit?
MICHELLE: Patterned maxi-dress.

RV: What inspires you?
MICHELLE: Moms who have started their own businesses.

RV: What’s your favorite quote?
MICHELLE: “illegitimi non carborundum” (Don’t let the bastards grind you down!)



Q&A with AVERY

RV: What do you want to be when you grow up?
AVERY: Work at Disney World.

RV: What do you love most about your mommy?
AVERY: That she’s married to my Daddy. 

RV: What’s your favorite color?
AVERY: Pink.  



As part of our Mommy and Me Collection of girl jewelry, we named a few pieces that Avery is wearing in these photos after her. Check them out right here on our website. 

Michelle is wearing the Michelle Wrap Bracelet-Necklace and Tina Earrings.




Instagram: @modernbocamom




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