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Meg Marra's Mommy Style

By: Olivia H  

Meet MEG MARRA, working mom editing a stylish wardrobe and creating a beautiful home.

Meg is a stylishly smart mom, wife, and PR Director who juggles through her busy days with panache. We love that Meg plans her outfits for the week ahead every weekend by hanging them up together in the closet, accessories included. Now that's what we call tip-top organizational skills! We enjoyed chatting with Meg. She loves a good glass of champagne, so hopefully one day we get the chance to meet in person and toast to being fabulous working moms.



Meg at a Glance
Home: Indianapolis, Indiana
Profession: PR Director
No. of Children & Their Ages: One son, Leo, age 3
Zodiac Sign: Virgo
Favorite Quote: “Work hard, play hard.”


RV: How would you describe your overall style?
MEG: Chic and unfussy. Classic styles in tried-and-true cuts and clean lines.


RV: Has your style changed after having children and how so?
MEG:  My style has changed, but I feel like it was part of a larger shift around a desire for everything in my life to be simpler after becoming a mom. I recently purged most of my closet and started a capsule wardrobe, and “spend more on less” has become my style mantra. Higher quality, lower volume!


RV: What's your go-to outfit?
MEG: Black slim-cut pants, an ivory silk blouse or crisp white button-front shirt, black D’orsay pumps and a satchel handbag – it’s hard to go wrong with this combination. Then, I add interest with jewelry or a blazer or jacket.
RV: Yes to jewelry! I’m not bias though. ;-)


RV: What's your fashion/beauty indulgence?
MEG: Twice-monthly pedicures and no-chip manicures, and the occasional blowout.
RV: Same here.


RV: What's the one item in your closet that you would never be able to part ways with?
MEG: My Louis Vuitton Speedy 40 – I splurged on this bag when I got my first “big girl” job and it represents so much that I’m proud of: pursuing and finding a career that I love, becoming financially independent, and being able to treat myself to life’s little luxuries every once in a while.


RV: What's your secret/tips to staying fashionable while running after your children?
MEG: I plan my outfits for the week ahead every weekend and hang them up together in my closet, accessories included.  I used to get this done during naptime, but since my son has recently dropped his nap, I’ve had to get more creative about when this gets done. But it’s worth it - in the mornings I just reach for what I’ve lined up!


RV: Do you take some "me" time and if so, what do you do to unwind?
MEG: I’m working on this. Fellow working moms will understand – it’s so hard to do! I do go to the gym several times a week for about an hour, and afterwards I always feel great.



RV: What inspires you and what are you passionate about?
MEG: Professionally, I’m fortunate to work in an exciting industry for a top-notch company – and on an intellectual level I’m continually inspired by the challenges and opportunities of my “day job.”  But on a more personal level, I’m passionate about creating the life I want to live and the life I want to provide for my son: where hard work is balanced by enjoyment, where compassion and independence are highly valued, and one that is grounded in a strong sense of “place.” Place has always been important to me – I think that’s why I’ve always been interested in aesthetics and details, which has translated to my fascination with style and design.
RV: I love that.


RV: How has becoming a mom changed your perspective on things?  
MEG: Becoming a mom made me realize how raw and vulnerable life is. Fellow moms - the stakes feel so much higher, don’t they? But the perspective this affords, while stress-inducing, does help me separate the “urgent from the important,” and I worry less about inconsequential or temporary things.


RV: If you could have dinner with any 3 people in the world who would they be?
MEG: I’d have dinner with three women who have sadly passed away: my two grandmothers and my husband’s mother, who I never had the opportunity to meet. I’d order a bottle of champagne for the table first, however, to ease my nerves about making a good impression! Trust me, these are ladies you want to impress!
RV: I’m sure you would impress these women. You’ve certainly impressed us here at Windsor Avenue and we are thrilled you took the time to chat with us.





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All photos courtesy of Meg Marra. Feature photo taken by Ashley Wottring @fashionatelyme. For usage, please first contact