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By: Olivia H  


Meet HANNAH KAUP, stay-at-home mom and blogger of sweet and refreshingly down-to-earth Honey & Betts. Hannah braves the cold Canadian weather with a unique down-to-earth appeal that is both stylish and sweet. She fashionably braces the snow and chilly temperatures with two adorable young kids in tow. We are excited to feature Hannah in this edition of RV’s Mommy Style. 


HANNAH at a Glance

Home: Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Profession: Stay at home mom and blogger 
No. of Children & Their Ages: Two young kids… 2 years old and 4 months old. 
Favorite Quote: John 3:16


RV: How would you describe your overall style?
HK: I am most drawn to sporty, cool outfits but as of late, I have found myself exploring more feminine boho styles.


RV: Has your style changed after having children and how so?
HK: I hate to admit it but yes! I go through style cycles, starting off with the most comfy when my children are born, then whatever is best for nursing; once they’re older, I resume my cute outfits. But once I become pregnant again, the cycle will start over. 


RV: What's your go-to outfit?
HK: When I’m pressed for time that is when my most innovative outfits are worn. I will mix patterns with my tops and accessories, with a neutral jean and tall boots.


RV: What's your fashion/beauty indulgence?
HK: Skincare. I am obsessed with organic skincare, particularly masks and serums.
RV: Your answer isn't surprising because you honestly have the most gorgeous perfect skin! 


RV: What's the one item in your closet that you would never be able to part ways with?
HK: Besides a solid nursing bra and belle fit wrap? I cannot part with my blanket scarf. 


RV: What's your secret/tips to staying fashionable while running after your children?
HK: Letting them help me get ready. I’ll give my girls some of my old makeup brushes to play with and it gives me that extra 10 minutes I need.
RV: Ah, that’s a good tip I’ll have to remember myself.


RV: Do you take daily "me" time and if so, what do you do to unwind?
HK: Typically my blog gives me lots of ‘me’ time, but when I want a break from it all, I will go out with my besties for coffee. 


RV: What inspires you? What are you passionate about?
HK: I am inspired by the people I surround myself with and my online community and God. I’m passionate for sharing the word of God, my family and living a balanced life. 


RV: How has becoming a mom changed your perspective on things? 
HK: Before I had kids, I judged my own mother on a lot of her decisions as a parent, but now I have complete respect and am in awe of her.


RV: If you could have dinner with any 3 people in the world, still around or no longer with us, who would they be?
HK: Jesus, Jillian Harris, and Taylor Swift
RV: This is one of my favorite questions because I always find the dinner guests so fascinating and eclectic. And on that note, thank you so much Hannah for talking with us at “Rendez-Vous with Olivia”.  We look forward to seeing more of you.


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