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A Tête–à–Tête With Stylish TV Host Alex Butler

By: Olivia H  

Alex Butler and I first met in a class while attending the University of Florida. It's been years since we last saw each other, but thanks to modern day technology (aka social media), we've continued our friendship from afar. Alex is your 'super fun girly girl' who's smart and stylish, but never takes herself too seriously.  I'm so proud of Alex and all her accomplishments, but the best part of it all... she's only getting started!


RV: How would you describe your overall style? 
Alex: I would say my style is classic with a pop of color. I like to mix and match patterns and colors but my favorite look is neutrals with a pop of color.

RV: And I must say we love your look with ruffles and our Antoinette Necklace and Bracelet.



RV: How did you get started in TV journalism?
Alex: I went to the University of Florida and studied broadcast journalism. First, I moved to LA, got an agent and freelanced on the red carpet for entertainment shows. After about 2 years, I decided to go into television news and I moved to Lubbock Texas to be a reporter. Then, in 2012, I became the morning feature reporter for FOX 4 in Fort Myers and after that I got my first job as a TV Host for My Carolina Today on NBC in Raleigh, North Carolina. 


RV: Was it something you always knew you wanted to do?
Alex: Yes, this has always been my dream job. When I was a teenager, I would watch the news and always say, “One day, I am going to be the host of that show.” It was not an easy journey, but I never gave up. 


RV: I love that! Focused and persistent! 


RV: What do you love most about your job?
Alex: I love getting to meet new people everyday and no two days are the same. It is always an adventure getting to interview celebrities, local businesses, and so many interesting guests.


RV: When not working, what do you do to have fun and unwind? 
Alex: I have a fashion blog that I love to do for fun! I post my favorite outfits and great deals on fashion finds. I also try to travel a lot to the beaches. Since I grew up in Miami, it is hard for me to be landlocked! So, whenever I get free time, I’m off to Wilmington Beach to get some sunshine, sand, and saltwater.


RV: Which travel destination is on top of your list? 


Alex: Bora Bora
RV: Nice. I’ve heard it’s beautiful. 


RV: What’s your fashion and beauty indulgence? 
Alex: Bags and shoes! ALL DAY. I wish I could stop but I just love having a new bag or a pump in every pop of color I can dream of. 

RV: A girl can never have too many shoes, bags, and jewelry of course! LOL!


RV: What’s your most treasured possession? 
Alex: Probably a black and white photo that I have of my father holding me as a baby. My father passed away 3 years ago so when I think of treasures, the materialistic doesn’t come to mind. I think more of this picture of me and my dad together on one of my first days alive. My dad wasn’t big on pictures so the ones I have are of HIGH value to me. 

RV: That is so sweet and I can completely relate. I lost my dad when I was young and the pictures we have together are definitely priceless.


RV: What inspires you? 
Alex: Creative and ambitious people. I have to surround myself with people who motivate me - whenever I do, the results are stellar.




RV: What’s on your music playlist right now? 
Alex: Coldplay - Adventure of a Lifetime


RV: What is your idea of perfect happiness? 
Alex: Being alive with the people I love and knowing that they are all healthy, happy, and well taken cared of. Living everyday following my dreams and never settling. 


RV: If you could have dinner with any 3 people in the world, who would they be? 

Alex: My Dad. My Grandmother. Oprah. 


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