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Art That's Up!

By: Olivia H  

 This past Saturday, I had the pleasure to attend an immersive art installation by artist Vanessa Diaz titled “The Possibility of an Exit.”



Organized by ArtsUP!, a non-profit entity founded by my friend Neil Ramsay, the experience was unique with the installation actually being up in the air, spanning 5000+ square feet of ceiling space. 


(With Artist Vanessa Diaz)


“The Possibility of an Exit” challenges the viewer to reconsider discarded times such as fencing, window blinds, lighting fixtures, and more. It’s also prompting us to discover our very own escape route through the hanging obstacle course. For me, I interpret the obstacle course more as a symbol for the life choices we face and take, ultimately determining our paths. 




If you happen to be in South Florida, make a point to head over to ArtsUP! in the Fat Village Arts District ~ an emerging art area in Fort Lauderdale. The exhibition runs through February 29 and you may visit by appointment. 


For more on the ArtsUP! brand new initiative, follow @artsupconcepts 


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