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A Tête–à–Tête with Model Turned Stylist Sabina

By: Olivia H  

For this edition of Tête–à–Tête, Olivia interviews Sabina, the face of Windsor Avenue's latest Femme Fatale campaign. We adore Sabina as she embodies strength and confidence, while being super sweet and truly such a pleasure to work with. Not only does Sabina work it in front of the camera, but she does too behind the scenes as a fashion stylist. She is a 'femme fatale!'


RV: How would you describe your overall style? 
Sabina: Comfortable and free. 


RV: Who are your favorite designers?
Sabina: Always delighted with a graceful feminine sense of style couturiers: Cristóbal Balenciaga, Yves Saint Laurent, Christian Dior, Paco Rabanne, they are classic and always in style. But at this time, I’d have to say my favorite designers are Maison Martin Margiela, Raf Simons, Issey Miyake, Crisopher Kane, Acne.


RV: What do you find interesting about the fashion scene in Beijing? 
Sabina: Being a part of the Chinese fashion scene and experiencing its global development first hand, you will now start noticing an increase in emerging talented designers such as Vega Zaishi Wang, Chictopia, Xander Zhuo, Comme Moi.

RV: That is so true. I’m such a fan of Vega Zaishi Wang and thanks to you, we got a few of her unique pieces for the latest Windsor Avenue campaign featuring you!




RV: What’s your go-to outfit when you are pressing for time?
Sabina: Since the majority of my time is spent on set, I dress comfortably. Comfort for me is either sneakers or Dr.Marten’s boots, free sizes t-shirt, flared pants and a loose coat.


RV: When not working, what do you do to have fun and unwind? 
Sabina: Right now, I really don’t have much free time. In fact, if I have a free day, the day is usually already busy, meeting with partners that wish to discuss future projects or meeting with friends. I don't want to seem like an “important person,” but we live in a big city where you get very tired from the fast pace of life and making things happen!

RV: It can get tiring but also exciting because Beijing has so much going for it (except the pollution). 




RV: Which travel destination is on top of your list? 
Sabina: My favorite topic! Oh, travel! I love to travel and hope to travel more in the future because I thoroughly enjoy experiencing all facets of cultures such as the people, architecture, local cuisine, traditions, and the overall unique vibes that each place brings. I can only say one thing, I'm a travel lover and big fan of all cultures and countries. I love to be in big cities with a large-scale energy .

RV: Travel is the best!


RV: What inspires you? 
Sabina: Im inspired by people and their personalities. For me, that’s the most attractive thing in the world - conversations, interests, the atmosphere that they create. With these people I can dream!


RV: What’s on your music playlist right now? 
Sabina: Sia-"Im In Here" / XX-"Island" / Barry White-"Aint no sunshine when she gone"/ Nombe-"California Girls" / Joe Dassin-"Et si tu n’existais pas"

RV: Very eclectic. 


RV: What is your idea of perfect happiness? 
Sabina: The path is the obstacle. It is necessary to aspire to happiness. Happiness for me is when you truly become whole and know who you are as a person. 


RV: If you could have dinner with any 3 people in the world (either alive or not), who would they be? 
Sabina: My dream is, to have a Cup of tea with Russian writer - Leo Tolstoy. Have 5 hours of snacking and conversation about life’s purpose with Indian mystic, guru - Osho (Rajneesh). And dinner with British chef and restaurateur - Gordon Ramsay, but most likely a silent one!


RV: [LOL] the last one is so unexpected. And just like your music playlist, your three choices are very eclectic and the perfect way to end today’s chat. Thank you Sabina for conversing with us and not to mention being the face of Windsor Avenue’s new campaign. Let’s collaborate again together!  




For more on Sabina, follow her!
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