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Opposites Attract

By: Olivia H  

Every year, Pantone selects its colors of the year. Last month, those colors were revealed and they are (drumroll please……….):


  Light Blue and Light Pink, 

  more specifically PANTONE 15-3919 Serenity and PANTONE 13-1520 Rose Quartz 

Quite a surprise since pairing these two colors is not typically at the top of the color mixing chart. Truthfully, this color combo would be ideal if you happen to be expecting twins, one boy + one girl! 


However, the more I think about it, these two colors sharing the limelight in 2016 may work out nicely. Opposites attract! After all, it doesn’t mean you have to use blue and pink everywhere and with everything. They can be used as accents to soften a room or to add a dash of color to an outfit. 


I won’t be incorporating these colors in my home decor. However, I did recently paint my entire office in the Windsor Avenue pink, deciding to go bright and bold for 2016. I have the pictures to prove it. 




And you’ll be seeing me wear jeans with the Madeline Necklace either solo or paired with the Antoinette Necklace both from Windsor Avenue’s Parisian Magnetism collection. If I’m not in the mood to layer necklaces, I’ll happily stack the Madeline and Antoinette bracelets for a cool yet classic vibe. 





Plus, there’s a special collection in the works at Windsor Avenue that will showcase both pale blue and pink. I guess we were right on point! ;-)  


What do you think of this year's two colors? Leave a comment either here or on our Instagram & Facebook pages #rendezvouswitholivia. We always love to hear from you! 



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