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Katie's Beirut

By: Olivia H  

I'm thrilled that one of my dearest friends, KATIE TRAVERS, is inaugurating this section called Voyage. At Windsor Avenue, we love getting lost in the beauty of new places, discovering cultures, tasting new cuisines, and experiencing local life. 

Katie and I first met in 2004 while studying abroad together in Beijing. Together, we traveled to various towns and villages in mainland China, including two-weeks in Tibet to reach base camp on the north side of Mount Everest (no... we didn't climb, but we did get to eat pancakes in what they claim to be the highest monastery in the world.)



This photo taken during a trip in 2004 to Pingyao, China.
We're showing off our new silk embroidered shoes.


Katie has lived in several countries, but for now, she calls Beirut her home away from home. Thanks to Katie, it's now time to escape for a few minutes into the beautifully diverse city of Beirut! Bon Voyage! 


Katie at a Glance 

Current City: Beirut, Lebanon for 2 years (already!)

Originally from: Missouri, USA

Profession: Works at the United Nations

Zodiac Sign: Aquarius 

Favorite Quote: "I am not what happened to me, I am what I choose to become." - C.G. Jung

Fashion Style: Simple and Classic



Katie's Top 5 Spots in Beirut


1. Anise Beirut
When I'm missing New York, this charming and classic bar with delicious cocktails, a laid back vibe and regular Jazz nights is where I go to get my fix. I love that the waiters wear black bow-ties and make incredible drinks with herbs and ingredients, including home-made Arak - a Lebanese liqueur. Try the Basil Smash, you will NOT be disappointed. 

Photo Credit: NPR


2. Tawlet
An amazing restaurant that hosts daily a woman from various villages throughout Lebanon as a Chef to cook her personal and regional specialties with organic ingredients. There is no menu, just an open gourmet buffet with authentic salads, mezze, plates and desserts. In the summer, I love to go to its Bekka Valley location for brunch while looking over the valley into Syria. 



3. Union Square Yoga
My place of zen amongst the constant energy of Beirut. You can find me at this boutique yoga studio run by my spiritual gangster Danielle Abisaab every week. An amazing space with an incredible vibe, this studio brings people together and oozes love, creativity and fun.


4. Ô-Glacée beach bar - Batroun
Summers in Beirut are long, hot and infamous. It's an absolute necessity to find your escape from the city. This laid-back beach club on the shores of Batroun is my favorite place to read a book, sip on some Lebanese rosé and take a dip into the Mediterranean during the hot summer months.



5. Corniche - Beirut
This seaside promenade is my favorite place to take a walk and feel the incredibly diverse vibe of Beirut. Walking along the sea you can see the Mediterranean as well as the summits of Mount Lebanon but the life on the Corniche is what I love. You can see a bit of everything from walkers and joggers to push cart vendors selling local snacks and drinks, fishermen trying their luck, young men smoking arguileh and jumping from rocks, old men reliving their glory days, women in revealing tops, women covered from head to toe, and families out and about for a weekend stroll. Reminders of the Lebanese Civil War can be seen in the trunks of the palm trees and buildings that line the Corniche pockmarked with bullet holes. A reminder of the resilience of the Lebanese people.



Follow Katie on Instagram @kmtravs for more on her travel adventures. 


A bientôt, 


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