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Kelly Cain's Mommy Style

By: Olivia H  

Meet KELLY CAIN, mommy extraordinaire to not 1, but 2 active young boys!


I first met Kelly at our alma mater, the University of Florida. Kelly has always been ultra stylish with a sassy personality that I love! So, when we thought of creating a regular feature column called “What’s Your Mommy Style?” Kelly immediately came to mind as the perfect mom to interview and inaugurate this special section right here at “Rendez-Vous With Olivia” RV! ~ 


KELLY at a Glance

Home: Palm Beach County, Florida

Profession: Stay at Home Mom; Owner at LUXE + LOVELY Living Blog & Boutique

No. of Children & Their Ages: 2 children; 3 years and 15 months

Zodiac Sign: Libra :) 

Favorite Quote: "In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different." - Coco Chanel



Photo Credit: Melissa Long Photography


RV: How would you describe your overall style?

KC: Feminine and dressy, yet comfortable. I love to wear classic neutrals and bright colors as well. I spent half my childhood in Miami and the other half in Long Island so I think my style holds influences from both places.


RV: Has your style changed after having children and how so?

KC: My style has become more relaxed. Before having children I practically lived in heels. My boys keep me so active and busy that now I'm almost always in flats. Sensible shoes are a must when constantly chasing after two toddlers.


RV: What's your go-to outfit?

KC: A maxi dress accessorized with a long necklace and paired with sandals.


RV: What's your fashion/beauty indulgence?

KC: Keratin Hair Straightening treatments. I have long, naturally curly hair and semi-annual keratin treatments have been a lifesaver for taming the frizz in this South Florida humidity.


RV: What's the one item in your closet that you would never be able to part ways with?

KC: Many years ago, I purchased a beige, long sleeved, open cardigan from Theory that still goes with everything. I love the feeling of being cozy and this cardigan is like being draped in a chic, soft blanket.


RV: What's your secret/tips to staying fashionable (and sane) while running after your children?

KC: It is essential to work toward maintaining a balance. I am devoted to my children, but I also make time for the things that I am truly passionate about as well. That and I keep a big pair of sunglasses to hide how tired I am from it all.

RV: That's a great idea... I'll make sure to keep my sunglasses handy at all times too, rain or shine!


RV: Do you take daily "me" time and if so, what do you do as a pick-me-upper?

KC: "Me" time is a rare commodity these days, but after the children are in bed I get to work on my blog and online shop.

A nice, hot cup of tea is my go-to de-stresser and wine if it's been a really long day!

RV: Next time, let's have tea or wine together during a play-date with our boys! And thank you so much Kelly for taking the time to talk with us at "Rendez-Vous with Olivia" right here at Windsor Avenue. We love your style, bubbly personality and you have a beautiful family. 


Photo Credit: Stephanie Denton Photo


For more on KELLY, visit and follow LUXE + LOVELY Living, her very own lifestyle blog on Fashion, Food and Family and an online boutique for stylish, personalized gift giving. And the best part of it all, a portion of the net proceeds from each sale goes to charities dedicated toward helping make a difference for others in need.

Instagram: @luxeandlovelyliving


Twitter: @LuxeandLovelyLivin




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