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The Art of Stacking

By: Olivia Hollaus  

 What’s the secret to a cool chic stack of bracelets gracing your wrist? It’s quite simple actually… It’s all in a number… more specifically, odd number combinations. 


One or 3 or 5 or even 7 bracelets are the key to a perfect stacking look that’s been trendy for the past few years and continues to be on-point. 


For a classic no frills look, one bracelet remains a nice option. 



If you want to experiment with mixing your bracelets, start with a 3 bracelet combo. 



Then, be fearless and bold by upping to 5 and 7 bracelets together. 

If you choose to wear 5 or 7 bracelets at a time, the size of the beads on your bracelets are important. You want them to be somewhat proportional to each other. In other words, the sizes can be slightly different, but not significantly off to avoid an unbalanced look.  



What’s your secret to creating the perfect mix of stacked bracelets? Share some of your tips and photos right here and on your social media. #windsoravenue #windsorliving #wawoman @windsoravenue


Mix, Match, and Stack Away! 


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