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Lisa Vasi's Mommy Style

By: Olivia H  

Meet LISA VASI, stay-at-home mom and effortless chic blogger. Lisa is a beautiful sweet mom to adorable Lilly and... she's got a baby boy on the way! We've been following @mommylifestyled for quite some time now, enjoying Lisa's photos, especially her "mommy and me" photos with her two year old daughter.


Last week, Lisa wrote a lovely and thoughtful post about the special bond she and Lilly share together as they create special moments. 

"As Lilly grows, I notice more and more that she loves to do anything and everything I do, whether it be getting dressed for the day, putting on makeup and jewelry, preparing meals, etc. She loves to be a part of everything and I adore spending that special time with her." 


This perfectly encapsulates the reason behind us creating the Mommy and Me jewelry collection. We are thrilled to feature Lisa and Lilly on our blog and can't wait to see more of their precious moments. Plus, we are certain Lilly will make a wonderful big sister. 


Lisa at a Glance

Long Island, New York
Profession: Stay at home mom & Blogger
No. of Children & Their Ages: Daughter Lilly, age 2, and a baby boy due in September :) 
Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius
Favorite Quote: “Simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication.” - Leonardo Da Vinci




RV: How would you describe your overall style?
LISA: Effortless, chic, feminine.
RV: You just described the Windsor Avenue design philosophy.  


RV: Has your style changed after having children and how so?
LISA:  Yes! I went from a mainly business chic / work wear inspired wardrobe to a more casual, practical wardrobe after becoming a stay at home mom.


RV: What's your go-to outfit?
LISA: Jeans and a tee/sweater/blouse is my go to look on busy days. I love simple pieces that I can easily dress up with a great pair of shoes, jacket and/or accessories.


RV: What's your fashion/beauty indulgence?
LISA: Handbags! I always find myself investing in handbags. Lilly will inherit them one day, so I don’t feel bad splurging on a great bag when I can. 
RV: Lucky Lilly! A great handbag is a must. I still find myself ‘borrowing’ bags from my mom’s closet… and I’m in my 30s. 



RV: What's the one item in your closet that you would never be able to part ways with?
LISA: Any of the handbags my husband has given me.  He doesn’t understand my fashion addiction, but every once in a while he surprises me with a bag I want and I love the sweet gesture.


RV: What are your secrets/tips to staying fashionable while running after your little princess?
LISA: Great staple pieces that make looking put together easy. 




RV: Do you take some "me" time and if so, what do you do to unwind?
LISA: Yes, “Me Time” is important, it helps me feel more balanced. Sometimes it’s planned “mommy maintenance” (hair, nails, dinner with friends) and sometimes it’s just an hour to myself to rest during Lilly’s nap time.


RV: What are you passionate about?
LISA: My family and our health. Having children has made me realize how important it is to maintain a healthy lifestyle.
RV: Such a great point.


RV: What do you love most about motherhood?  
LISA: The immeasurable joy my daughter has brought into my life. She inspires me every day to be the best person I can be, in all facets of life. She has changed my perspective on so many things.




RV: What are your dreams and hopes for your children?
LISA: That they grow to be courageous, confident and kind. 


RV: Thank you so much Lisa for chatting with us. It was such a pleasure to get to know you better and we are excited to seeing more of you and your growing family on your social media and website. 


Instagram: @mommylifestyled






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