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Len and Tabitha's "Mommy & Me" Style

By: Olivia H  

Meet Len, the Texas-based fashion and lifestyle blogger behind @lenparent, and her sweetly stylish 6-year old daughter Tabitha. We are so inspired by their vibrant colorful style and magnetic energy. The inner and outer beauty Len exudes in all of her pictures is infectious. She's a devoted momma to two with another precious little one on the way. We are thrilled to feature this dynamic mommy-daughter. Their photos taken on their current family trip to the Philippines is sure to make you want to join in on the fun.  



LEN & TABITHA at a Glance

We asked Len and Tabitha to finish off a few sentences to get a sneak peak into their sweet bond. 


Fun is when we... are all together as a family.
On weekends, we love to... watch our favorite movies. 
Our favorite style to wear is... dress and shorts.
A family tradition is... eating ice cream or watching movies.
Our favorite mommy-daughter activity is... shopping together.
Our favorite dessert treat is... hot fudge. 
Our dream place is... Santorini Greece. 
We are thankful for... everything we have. 


Q&A with LEN



RV: What are the values/life lessons you hope to instill in your daughter?
LEN: Be independent, honest, and be kind to others.


RV: What are your dreams and hopes for Tabitha? 

    1. Do not be afraid of taking risks in life and never be afraid of failure.

    2. Bream BIG and follow your dreams.

    3. Live a life with NO regrets.


RV: What do you love most about motherhood?
LEN: There is nothing better than hearing your kids say, “Hi Mom” or “I love you.”


RV: What’s your go-to outfit?
LEN: Ripped jeans and a blouse.


RV: What inspires you?
LEN: My family.


RV: What’s your favorite quote?
LEN: “If you love what you do, you never have to work a day in your life.”





RV: What do you want to be when you grow up?
TABITHA: A ballerina. 


RV: What do you love most about your mommy?
TABITHA: She gives me lots of kisses. 


RV: What’s your favorite color?
TABITHA: I have two, pink and yellow.  


As part of our recently launched Mommy and Me Collection of girl jewelry, we named a few pieces that Tabitha is wearing in these photos after her. Check them out right here on our website. 


Len is wearing the Madeline Necklace and matching Madeline Bracelet.
And don't miss out on Len's lovely blog post featuring Windsor Avenue jewelry. What she writes about motherhood is touching and so very true. 







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