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Celebrating Mom HANNAH K.

By: Olivia H  

Hannah, mommy to 2 sweet girls and fabulous blogger (www.honeyandbetts) tells it like it is and she's so right! "I love that even after a tough day of tantrums, when they are both asleep, my husband and I will reflect on the day and still think they are the loveliest blessings in our lives."


The job of MOM is not glamorous with our patience often tested and no clocking-in and -out from the position... we are on duty ready to report at any second of the day, 24/7. And yet, it's the most rewarding role of our lives and the unconditional boundless love we have for our children can't be put into words. 


Follow Hannah on Instagram @honeyandbetts for more of her lovely posts and check out her blog for a fresh perspective on things.


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