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Are you a Carrie, Charlotte, Miranda or Samantha?

By: Olivia H  

Are you a Carrie, Charlotte, Miranda or Samantha? It's a question that came up over girls' night out this past weekend... and it's not the first time! I bet you've had this topic come up at your get togethers too!!! 


The TV show "Sex and the City" is iconic for many reasons and the fashion was to die for! It was its own character on the show. Costumer Designer Patricia Field brilliantly styled all 4 women to match each distinct personality. 


So Saturday's conversation got me dreaming, "Which Windsor Avenue jewelry would each woman wear?" 


Carrie Bradshaw: Libra Pendant Necklace. She often wore her namesake pendant, so the zodiac pendant is perfect because of its personal meaning. Then again, she can pull off any look. Fashionista is her middle name!



Charlotte York: MOM Pendant Necklace & the Grace Earrings. Charlotte is a devoted mommy so I envision her wearing this necklace proudly. And the pearl stud earrings are classic, perfect for Charlotte's prim and proper style. 




Miranda Hobbes: Lilly Double Strand Necklace & the Iris Double Strand Bracelet. As an attorney, Miranda is professionally dressed so a statement necklace is a perfect touch of originality to an otherwise more understated outfit. Plus, the green beautifully compliments her hair color and skin tone.





Samantha Jones: Tina Earrings & the Gemma Wrap Bracelet-Necklace. The life of the party, Samantha would wear our "disco ball" earrings to dance the night away and the Gemma bracelet to accessorize her closet of form-fitting dresses. 



Now, my next question is for you: Are you a Carrie, Charlotte, Miranda or Samantha? Let us know, we always love hearing from our Windsor Avenue Insiders. 


A bientôt! 
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