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My Beijing Park

By: Olivia H  

Beijing is plagued with pollution and smog on most days, so when the sun and blue skies made their glorious presence, I would always go to Ritan Park to enjoy the great outdoors when living there. 


Ritan Park is located in the Embassy District on the east side of the city. Surrounded by tall buildings, it’s an oasis from the chaos of this thriving developing capital. It’s not the most beautiful of parks… the historic Summer Palace would win that award. But for me, it’s my favorite because it’s down-to- earth, a reminder to enjoy the small things in life. Here, imported cars, luxury items, five-star dining, and the hustle and bustle of making it big in the city are not important. 




I also love Ritan Park because you feel immersed within Chinese culture, from seeing the calming art of Tai Chi to the national Chinese sports of Ping Pong and Badminton being practiced.




There’s also a sense of communality. The older generation of locals meet at the park everyday to socialize and even dance! 



Reminiscing on Ritan Park and Beijing inspired me to write this post and share with you my photos. Of course, nothing beats the real thing! 





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